Joe Abel

Joe Abel


Joe Abel has been in the wrestling business in the indie scene since 1992 , he was trained by Duane Gilberg and Axl Rotten. Joe worked in Maryland , Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia and Florida. He has worked with Brutus the Barber Beefcake, George the Animal Steele, Nikolai Volkoff, Tugboat, Mick Foley, Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman. Joe currently runs a show every year called Fighting for a Cure and donates all of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society. He has lost his mother, father, aunt, uncle and grandmother all to cancer and his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and luckily beat it. Joe was diagnosed with Lymphoma four years ago. In six shows Joe has raised $40,000 for the American Cancer Society.

Joe is an author. His book Squared Circle Full Circle on I’m Joe Cool and You’re Not written by Joe and award-winning author Scott Stevens came out last year. All proceeds from the book as well as all the money made from the table at the conventions goes directly to the American Cancer Society.







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