Maureen Catherine Orkwis

Maureen Catherine Orkwis


 Originally from Flushing, New York, Maureen Catherine Orkwis and her family moved to Florida when she was six. That makes her a semi-native or a damn Yankee, depending on who you ask.

Maureen currently lives in a small town in North Central Florida, featured in her book, The Ghosts of Tiger Trail. She is most known for penning Murder Con, which was inspired when she wandered into an abandoned area during a Star Wars Celebration. Though the original story was to feature two cosplayers, Maureen, like many of her fans, became smitten with the fish-out-of-water detective, Sergeant Vadam Nore, who is now the main character of the Vadam Nore Murder Mystery Series. “He’s just too fun not to keep telling his stories.” Vadam’s only flaw (well, that we’ll count at least); he, like the rest of the characters in her head, keeps Maureen from cosplaying, which is her favorite hobby.


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