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Greg has been a professional illustrator for over thirty-five years.  The past twenty  something as a comic book artist.  Greg is an Indiana native and before graduating from Indiana State University with a BFA degree, he started his professional career in the screen print industry.  After ten years of garment print designs, his lifelong dream to draw comics became a reality with a project called “Storm Quest” from Sky Comics. This led to work for DC Comics that included titles such as “Night Wing and Birds of Prey.”

Shortly after, Greg and his family, wife Trish and daughter Shelbi, moved to Florida where Greg began work with a new comic company called CrossGen Comics.  There Greg co-created their top selling book called “Sojourn” with writer Ron Marz.

Currently Greg is under contract with Marvel Comics.  Some past projects that Greg has worked on for Marvel include the “Symbiote Spiderman series, The Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man, Mighty Avengers and The Ultimate Fantastic Four, The Uncanny X-Men, Monsters Unleashed, and Weapon X” along with many exclusive covers for several other titles.  Greg’s latest projects include a run on The Astonishing Xmen and the Symbiote Spiderman series and numerous covers.

Greg enjoys his work immensely, loves meeting fans and considers himself very fortunate to have a job that he really loves.