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As a musician, writer, announcer, and convention personality, MATT KNOWLES has dipped his toes into many creative pools over the years. He’s no stranger to the public eye, having fronted metal bands, hosted panels, emceed at comic conventions, and is a soccer game-day announcer and referee.

Alongside #TeamINSYM partner Steph Cannon, he is the co-writer and co-creator of multiple titles, including MISFITZ CLUBHOUSE (on Scout Comics), TALES FROM NOCTURNIA (medieval fantasy), and the upcoming fictional far-east adventure horror I AM QIDO. He is also the creator and co-writer of HEIRS OF ISILDUR (apocalyptic sci-fi set in a steampunk world). He’s also the main musician behind the musical side of HEIRS OF ISILDUR (he also composed the MISFITZ CLUBHOUSE theme song!)