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Scott has been sculpting and painting for 35 years, selling his first “professional” sculpture at the age of 13. He has worked in special effects, from concept to application for 30+ years, as well as hard and soft good fabrication just as long. Scott is the head of the shop, lead sculptor and mold engineer as well as main prototyper and paint master.

He’s worked with the best of the best, and lead projects from as small as private commissions, to feature films, network television, theme parks, museums, fine art galleries, and major toy companies. His experience in demonstrating/teaching technique and material use has afforded him the ability to assemble a bang-up team like the Avengers of the art world!

As a Captain America/Ironman hybrid he teaches as well as gets down in the trenches with the rest of us, sculpting, casting, cleaning, molding and painting. He lifts whats heavy, reaches high stuff, and despite what people may say, Hollywood didn’t change him! He’s known for getting “robbed” on a network television show (he may not have won the contest but if you ask him he’s won at life).

Hollywood didn’t steal his spirit or his talent that’s for sure! #teamtallguys