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Vale Anoai was born in Staten Island, NY. She is the youngest child of WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling legend Afa “The Wild Samoan” and Lynn Maluta Anoai. Her childhood years were spent traveling almost constantly, moving from New York to Pennsylvania to Florida and back several times. This constant travel has given her a very open-minded view of the world, she has been around every kind of person from every possible walk of life.

The wrestling business is her family’s business. Her dad, uncle, countless cousins, and all three of her brothers are professional wrestlers. From age five, she was helping to sell merchandise at her dad’s wrestling shows. Wrestling also brought her family to Europe twice, to Italy and Austria, both of which she fell in love with.

She has been fortunate to be involved in Charities including Special Olympics, One Wish, Dream Come True, the Usos Foundation, and the Easter Seals Society, which has helped her to become a more compassionate, caring person.

Rather than follow in her family’s wrestling footsteps, she decided to follow her artistic passions. First she went to college for a “something to fall back on” degree, then dove headlong into the world of acting. While in college, she performed in “The Vagina Monologues” to help support Eve Ensler’s “V-Day” organization.

She is also a published writer, with a poetry book, two novels, and a short story collection.