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1. Lake County Comic Convention is a bully-free zone. Anyone caught bullying other fandoms or cosplayers (or anyone) will be promptly escorted off the premises. This applies to bashing as well. No fandom will be criticized or made fun of in a public forum. Respect others the same way you want to be respected.

2. Please be kind and courteous to your fellow attendees, guests, vendors, and staff at all times. Disruptive behavior is not allowed.

3. Please treat Trilogy Orlando with respect. Anyone who vandalizes or damages the building will be responsible for repair or replacement.

4. Please keep the hallways and walkways clear. Do not block any exits, staircases, or doorways.

5. Smoking is not prohibited indoors. Cigarette and cigar smoking is allowed outdoors. No public nudity. No illegal substance possession or use, food and drink must be consumed in designated areas.

6. Revealing and inappropriate attire is prohibited. We ask attendees to wear appropriate attire at all times. See cosplay and weapons policy for further clarification.

7. Disabled persons, others with special needs, staff, and Lake County Comic Convention guests are not required to stand in line for any event or panel.

8. Lake County Comic Convention staff reserves the right to revoke your convention membership and eject anyone, at any time, from the convention.

9. If you bring your children to the convention, please keep an eye on them. Please decide a place to meet at if family or friends become lost.

10. Please follow the instructions of the Lake County Comic Convention staff and security team, Trilogy Orlando faculty and staff. If you do not comply with their instructions, you may be removed from the building.

11. Don’t panhandle, solicit, or beg for anything from the people around you.

12. Please be polite and turn off your cell phone in events and/or panels.

13. Programming and schedules are subject to change as needed.

14. For the safety of our attendees, we ask that you do not wear leashes around your neck. If you are found wearing one, you will be asked to remove it.

15. If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, please contact a Lake County Comic Convention staff member. Our sole purpose is to provide an enjoyable experience for you, we will do our best to help!

16. Not pets.

Weapon and Prop Policy


*Any Weapons prohibited under Florida law. All federal, state, and city statutes are in full effect in the convention area.

*Real firearms, working, disabled, or otherwise (e.g. rifles, shotguns, hand guns, BB guns, etc.) and ammunition of any and all sorts. All gun replicas must have a visible orange cap at the nozzle per law.

*Projectile weapons (e.g. pellet/disc/cap guns, Silly String, etc.) including water pistols or other liquid “weapons”, as well as, laser pointers, laser-aiming devices, or similar devices.

*Any ranged devices or those which can apply a physical force on another person from a distance (air cannons).

*Live steel. Any metal weapon (swords, knives, shuriken, etc.) can be dangerous even if extremely dull.

*Inline skates, roller skates, Togo skates, sneaker skates, and the like may not be worn or used in the Trilogy Orlando.

*Leashes, long handcuffs, chains, ropes or other objects that can be used to lead someone. This is a choking and clothes-lining hazard for you and others. They may be worn for photographs out of the way of traffic, but may not be worn while moving throughout the convention.

*Noisemakers: horns, vuvuzela horns, cowbells, kazoos, sound machines, music players, boomboxes, etc. Noisemakers are permitted outdoors but must not be bothersome of normal Clermont Comic Con activities. If staff or Clermont police ask you to turn it down, you must comply.

*Any other potentially harmful weapon/prop as determined by Lake County Comic Convention Staff.


*Replica weapons made of wood, foam, plastic, resin, fiberglass, or other craft materials provided they are not sharp and could not be used to harm others.

*Airsoft weapons are permitted provided they have a 1″ orange plug, no battery, & no pellets in the gun. You may also disable the barrel by filling it and securing the 1″ orange plug.

*Bows and crossbows, however arrows must be kept in a quiver with arrow tips removed and bow should be loosely strung with yarn.

*Cosplay props such as gourds, wings, musical instruments, etc, that are within the size restrictions. Please be courteous of other attendees and ensure props and costumes do not impede the flow of traffic in the hallways, event and/or panel rooms, or dealer’s area.

*Please move out of the flow of traffic when posing for pictures. Please do not wave props around or point them at people.

Costume and Attire Policy

*Costumes must be suitable for all audiences; Lake County Comic Convention welcomes families and children. If you wouldn’t be allowed to wear it at the beach or pool, then it is not appropriate.

*100% of the bikini area must be covered. Any graphic vivid outline of genitalia that is visible is not permitted. In other words, if we can see the details of what’s beneath your underwear, you will be asked to pad or cover it.
At least 50% of the breasts and 50% of the butt must be sufficiently covered. No one will be permitted to be completely topless at the Lake County Comic Convention.

*If you are found wearing a costume that may be prone to malfunctions, you will be asked to prove to Clermont Comic Con staff that malfunctions will not happen. Costumes that do not pass must be immediately covered and removed from the convention area.

*Liquid latex/body paint alone is not appropriate cover. All private areas must be covered by actual clothing.

*You must wear footwear at all times (the entire soles of feet must be covered with an actual shoe at minimum). Socks are not sufficient.

*Costumes must be kept to a manageable size and should not extend a maximum of two feet to the right, left, front, back, or above the person unless it can be folded up or otherwise contained. Big costumes must have the assistance of a handler while navigating the hallways. This applies to wings, tails, weapons/props, etc. Be aware of your costume and props at all times. Oversize items, costumes, props, wings, etc., may not be permitted in certain areas of the convention due to traffic flow and safety issues.