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Daniel Emery Taylor fell in love with performing when he was cast as the Father in his elementary school stage production of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.

A talent scout for a local agency saw him, contacted his mother, and the next thing Daniel knew he was auditioning for that classic made-for-TV film “A Father’s Homecoming” (1988). He did not get it. However, he did book the second role he auditioned for: Darryl in the campy 80’s schlock classic The Return of Swamp Thing (1989).

His path was set from there. More roles followed but eventually, Daniel found his stride in the world of independent horror, writing and co-directing such brutal offerings as The Hospital (2013) and Camp Massacre (2014). Unhappy with the quality and artistic direction of these projects, he founded Debtor Entertainment with an emphasis on entertainment value and artistic merit.

His solo directorial debut, It’s Just a Game (2018) played festivals in 2019 to positive reviews.