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Based in Central Florida, Kim Kahana has claimed over 40 remarkable years of experience in the motion picture and television industry.

* Trained by legendary Yakima Canutt and John Eppers.
* Over 300 films with television credits to numerous to count.
* Former member of Stuntmen’s Association.
* Stunt double for movie star Charles Bronson.
* 8 years on the Screen Actors Guild’s Safety Investigative Team and the Stunt Safety Community.
* Martial Arts Instructor for over 50 years.
* Six different black belt degrees.
* Movie credits include: The Dirty Dozen, Magnificent 7, The Mechanic, Death Wish, Smokey and the Bandit, Good Guys Wear Black, Killer Elite, Danger Island, Banana Splits Adventure, 28 episodes of Kung Fu, and 80 episodes of Nickelodean Guts.